Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just a Note

I have had such a rollercoaster week. I've been on spiritual highs and down deep in the valley, but no matter how low I feel i always have my God with me. I have some awesome friends too! I just don't know how I could move back up to that Mt. top without the love of my friends. If I ever feel like I"m losing faith or feeling like I just can't go any further...there they are with God standing in front of me saying, "Leslie, what are you doing?, this is not you? You know God has a plan for for you?" I can't think of anything that I have ben through lately, that I have not been able to turn to my church family and friends. But, then I feel like I have lost one. So much of me has been shown and now I feel like I've lost a big piece. I don't understand what has happened and I pray that one day this friend will come back. I hurt for this friend but I turn to prayer! I just want this friend to know that nothing was done with intent to harm or with intent to betray. I will always be here for this friend!
I have so much going on right now but the devil is still weeping! God is winning this battle...once again! Everytime that stumbling block is placed in front of me, I think of Job, and how he never wavered in his faith nor turn from God. I have been down that road and I will never turn back again! The devil is trying to hit me from every angle...whether it be my family, my school, my friends, he's trying everything to win me back....but devil I've got some words for you! YOU ARE BENEATH ME! YOU ARE NOTHING! YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OF THIS CHILD OF GOD!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Open Arms

I haven't been blogging lately, but it's not due to nothing going on in my life. I have really gone through some rough spots recently but have come out with God by my side and my head held up high. I have realized that I am who I am going to be and if people can't accept that then all I can do is pray for them. I live my life the way I feel I should and will not let anyone steer me differently. God has a plan for me and I'm willing to accept whatever that may be. I believe that God puts you through test to see just how you will react. Or if you truly live for him. I refuse to deter from my walk with Christ even though these walls are thrown up in front of me. I am not the type of person who throws my hands up and says I can't do it! I am determined to succeed in whatever God places before me to accomplish. I am not a sad person and never will be. I thrive on laughter and happiness. I just want people to know that Leslie will always be herself and never let anything get her down! I am strong and stand firm in my faith! I am so ready to start the nursing program back in the fall to prove myself worthy of that passion to be a nurse! I know and I will succeed with God by my side!