Saturday, May 2, 2009


WOW! So I turned 30 yesterday, but I don't feel any older! I guess it's due to the fact that I don't act my age. I say this alot, but I hear it alot. I don't, but I have learned that that is what makes me ME! I can be serous if I have to, but they way I see it is laughter and jokes and just plum goofiness is how I survive! I can't dwell and have pity parties very long before I just have to find laughter in any situation. It's what moves me forward and helps me get going in the right direction. Why make everything so complicated and sad? It just brings you down even more and what fun is that to be a the bottom....NONE! My life is here and now and how I choose to make it through tough times is find the brighter side of things. I don't want to waste my life saying what might have been, or should have done that! I want to refelect on my life and say YES, that was me, I did it! I live my life for God and fail everyday, but I am only human. How I get through those failures is what makes me LESLIE. I wouldn't change anything about my life and the way things have turned out. I have a purpose in this life and plan to find it and grab ahold tightly and run! I feel my calling is in the nursing field , that's all I know right now and getting my degreee is just one step, once I reach that goal I will be guided from there. It has taken me too long to get to the point I am i finding myself, but I can finally say at 30, that I know who I am and the direction I am going!