Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roller Coaster

Today was just weird! I started out in a crappy mood, took a test, didn't do so well. Then I had a great lunch with Ashlee and felt good until I went and took my second test which I think I bombed worse than the first test. But I wasn't really upset with myself because I didn't study and felt like I just didn't care. So when I came home, my husband and I had another deep discussion which ended up with both of us compromising. But isn't that part of marriage. You give a little and take a little. I think we going to be ok, just as long as we can compromise and make the other happy. Soooo, point for God and Leslie and none once again for the devil. We kicking some devil booty. So tonightI get to rest a little better and get ready for a great weekend with my BEST friends. Della, Ashlee and myself gonna have a girl's weekend and I'm cleaning the house or cooking supper or washing clothes, I'm ready! Oh wait, I do got to wash clothes before tomorrow afternoon though, or I won't have anything to wear, LOL!

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