Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not really addicted to this but I find it quite forgiving, just like God. I pray a whole lot and find myself just talking, I think of God as my listener (which he does), but seeing things in writing and being able to just write or type whatever you feel, gives me a sense of unloading things. I've been struggling for a while now on issues in my life; My marriage, my education, things that can really deter your faith. But the one thing that I always turn to is God. As I think back over my life and things that I have done, He has always been there. No matter how far I tried to get away from Him. So why fight or turn from something that is so important and has been so consistent in this messed up world. I feel peace and happiness, I can find the hope in hopeless situations. I laugh at the devil when he throws the walls in my face. No matter what the devil or this world throws at me, tells me, or gives me I will turn to my God. I sometimes wonder if the devil realizes that God's children become stronger in Faith with what he deals out. When God gets me through things I just want to laugh and say "HAHAHA, what now devil, you're beneath me, you are nothing! LOL, saying that just builds my foundation in Christ!


  1. great post Leslie...glad u join the blog world...told u that u would love blogging

  2. That is so true. And I don't think he realizes that trails make us stronger. Cause if that was the case he wouldn't keep on trying. But also God uses trails in our lives to make us stronger. Just look at Job for example. God took everything away from him and yet he still praised God. Oh to be more like Job.