Sunday, February 8, 2009


I decided to try this blogging thing. Two of my really good friends are doing it, so I'm giving it a try. Today was an awesome day! I love Sundays! I get up ready to go to my church. Yes, I have a church, I am a member of a church! I love Immanuel Baptist! There's not anything in this world that could keep me away from it. I also love to sing and feel that my worship comes from singing. I feel so moved when I really get into a song, the Spirit just fills me with so much peace and love. I sang today in church, although my voice was still scratchy from the WinterJam concert. But, I did it, because I truly feel that God leads me. I am nothing without him. Tonight I am being baptized. Although I have been once, I am being Baptized a Baptist! I can't wait, it's such an awesome feeling of cleanliness. I hope to feel renewed!


  1. we love you glad u are apart of IBC, glad u joined the blog world...its awesome place to just be you an get input and stuff!!! have a great week!!!

  2. Hey Leslie welcome to the Blog World. Be careful this can get addicting. It was great to be there to see you get baptized. I'm praying for ya, and know I'm here for ya.

  3. hi leslie. i read ashlee's blog and followed the link to yours. aj's right about that addicting part, so beware!